Jelly Glutton Hack + Lives / Coins Generator

Jelly glutton header

A new candy crush copy hits the streets of facebook. Let’s welcome Jelly Glutton, a immense puzzle game that will take you to the next linear based puzzle game. The objective is very different. Just kidding. You need to complete certain types of objectives you never heard about. Yeah? It’s like, ahm, the game I used to play right? Exactly, but this is one is different. It uses Jelly for crying out loud. The different about this game is that, it is Jelly, and food based Jelly Puzzle game with extra Jelly on top.

If you really want to hack this game. you can really download one created by MMPGH, the worlds leading hackers of games, and get funky with it. This only works with Lives and Coins though. It should be enough right? Here is the preview of the Jelly Glutton hack.

Jelly Glutton Hack

Credit: MMPGH

You can download it from the site or directly from here:

Mirror Server #1 : HERE
Mirror Server #2 : HERE
Alternative Server #1:

The developer of this hack does not say that much about this, so mostly, we tried it in our accounts. Even though the game sucks, it works though. I bought a lot with the coins and never triggered a flag.

jelly glutton cookies

How to make this work? All you have to do is open you facebook page, log in to your account and play the game. Jelly Glutton hack will recognize your activities and will blink. Arrange some settings inside the hack and run it. I think you need to wait for a bit, after some few minutes, hit refresh. You will notice a change in your credits, Dang it feels good!

With all the Jelly’s and all the food, want to try out the Jelly Glutton hack?